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10 ways social media celebrated Yorkshire Day

09 March 2022

Millions of people celebrated Yorkshire Day earlier this month, giving the opportunity for people up and down the country to highlight all the great aspects of this stellar region of the British Isles. With great tea, the eponymous pudding and its rich traditions just some of the characteristics celebrated over the day, here’s our look at the best ways people commemorated the occasion over social media.

1. Even the trains got in on the act of celebrations!

2. These two enjoyed some cake with Mel B and Judi Dench, with the latter two also being made of cake.


3. Because nothing says Yorkshire more than a giant pudding, one filled with all the usual trimmings of course. If this looks like your kind of meal, it’s something that can be enjoyed at its best while staying at one of the fantastic family hotels in Scarborough.

4. When life starts to get on top of you, just Keep Calm and Love Yorkshire!




5. The celebrations continue on Twitter! This was one of the many ‘selfies’ taken on Yorkshire Day, with this one taken by Steph Dobson.


6. The Fleece Inn crafting the humble Yorkshire pudding into a stunning dessert! While the Yorkshire is usually a mainstay on any Sunday roast dish, this Rhubarb and Custard Coconut Ice variant makes for the perfect after dinner treat!




7. A great piece of geography. Perfect if you’re planning to visit any of the hotels in Whitby. It’s hard to think how anybody could struggle to find Yorkshire, especially as it’s the UK’s largest county!










8. The ultimate poster for a proud Yorkshire man – or woman. It shows Whitby Abbey in the background, undoubtedly one of the best assets of the county’s north coast.



9. Crumbs of Scarborough made these scrumptious lavender and lemon cakes. While they might not be the most obvious delicacy which Yorkshire is famous for, you can’t deny that they look absolutely delicious.


10. Finally, it seems all the fun of Yorkshire day is too much for this dog. Fortunately, he’s got a good brew to keep him going through the night!


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