6 Reasons why you’ll fall in love with Yorkshire

30 May 2019

Yorkshire beach landscape with sunset


Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break by the sea or an exciting trip to a big city, Yorkshire has it all. Read on to find out just some of the reasons why you’ll fall in love with this beautiful county, including some recommendations by expert Yorkshire bloggers.



Yorkshire cliffs


The big cities may spring to mind when you think about Yorkshire, however, the county is also home to many beautiful coastal villages, including Robin Hood’s Bay. You’ll fall in love with this old fishing village as you wander down the narrow, cobbled streets towards the sandy beach. There’s something truly unique about this bay which has an interesting history tied with fishermen and smugglers. There are cycle paths and footpaths waiting to be explored so, whilst staying at an accommodation in Robin Hood’s Bay make sure you put on your walking boots and appreciate the very best of Yorkshire’s stunning coastline.

We spoke to Susanna from A Yorkshire Girl, a blog for empowering women over fifty, to find out the reasons why she loves living in Yorkshire: “The stunning Yorkshire coastline stretches for miles and with its wide expanse of beaches and rugged cliffs, it really is a joy to experience at any time of year.”

Susanna is not the only one who has fallen for Yorkshire’s natural beauty as Rosie from Busy Mum Lifestyle, a blog for health, wellbeing and family life, agrees: “If you are visiting Yorkshire for the first time you will fall in love with the stunning scenery from the wilderness of the moors to the beauty of the coastline, it really does have it all. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”



Yorkshire Dales countryside landscape


From the sandy beaches to rolling hills, Yorkshire has scenic views everywhere you turn. The countryside attracts locals and tourists alike including the Yorkshire blogger Ellen, from Adventures with Nell, who writes about food, travel and general adventures. Ellen shares with us the reasons why she loves Yorkshire: “Firstly, the countryside. With the Yorkshire Dales, the North York Moors and the Peak District, if you like beautiful scenery and the great outdoors it’s hard to beat Yorkshire! One of my favourite walks is Malham Cove and Gordale Scar, be sure to spend a day here if you’re in the area.”

Susanna from A Yorkshire Girl continues: “Let’s not forget that Yorkshire also has two impressive National Parks, the gently undulating hills of the Yorkshire Dales and the rugged, heather-covered North Yorkshire Moors.”

When exploring the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, you’ll have a whole bunch of attractions to choose from, including stunning waterfalls, mysterious caves and some of Yorkshire’s tranquil lakes. Jo from Jo Blogs, a Leeds based copywriter and lifestyle blogger, tells us: “If you’re visiting Yorkshire, you’ll love the beauty of the countryside and its stunning scenery. You can feel away from it all if you’re tucked away in the hills or enjoying the cliff-top views by the sea.

“There are loads of attractions to visit too, such as Whitby Abbey, RHS Harlow Carr, Harewood House, Forbidden Corner, Bolton Abbey and Malham Cove, which was used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

Lucy from Harrogate Mama, a blog for family life and happenings around Harrogate, shares her reasons for loving Yorkshire life: “It’s is the perfect place to raise a family with so much natural beauty, space and fresh air on your doorstep from a day trip to the bracing coastline to a step back in time in historic cities like York, you’re never short of things to do.”



Two women laughing


One of the best things about Yorkshire is the people. From the big cities all the way to the seaside towns, you’ll meet some of the best people in the whole of the UK. Ellen from Adventures with Nell continues: “You will not find a friendlier kind than in Yorkshire! Whether you’re sat in the pub, waiting for a bus or walking through the beautiful countryside, you will always receive a smile and a kind word.”

Yorkshire’s welcoming hospitality is no secret, Susanna from A Yorkshire Girl also comments: “People here are renowned for their friendliness, kindness and honesty. Yorkshire folk will welcome you with open arms, like one of the family. Be prepared for strangers saying hello as they pass you in the street and engaging you in all manner of conversation, normally about the weather.”

Lucy from Harrogate Mama continues: “If you’ve never visited Yorkshire before I think you’ll love its character. Yorkshire folk are welcoming and friendly and fiercely proud of where they live.”



Cheese board with wine on a table


You won’t struggle to find something delicious to eat whilst in this county as it’s the home of the Yorkshire pudding, Wensleydale cheese and other iconic food. When in Yorkshire, make the most of the delicacies and enjoy a proper Sunday roast and a ploughman’s lunch with local cheeses.

Jo from Jo Blogs continues to say it’s one of the top things to love about the county: “Yorkshire is an exciting food scene with local producers providing delicious, in season food. We also have exciting food markets (e.g. Leeds Kirkgate Market) and local restaurants with chefs that are pushing the boundaries and creating some of the best food around.”

Ellen from Adventures with Nell adds: “Yorkshire pudding, pie and peas, Wensleydale cheese, Betty’s tea rooms – the food in Yorkshire is amazing! You’ll find the heartiest of meals in the pubs of Yorkshire, and I’ve never had a better roast dinner than in this wonderful county.”




In Yorkshire, you’ll find some of the UK’s greatest cities, including York, Leeds and Sheffield. Each one is bustling with life with countless bars, restaurants and shops to choose from. During your visit be sure to venture into some of the independent places for an authentic Yorkshire experience.

One of the most unique things about Yorkshire is that the busy cities and relaxing coast are not too far from one another. The combination of them both is one of the top reasons people fall in love with this county. We asked Jo from Adventures in Adulting, a lifestyle and reflections blog, the reason why she loves living in Yorkshire: “Yorkshire is an amazing place to live, its mix of rolling countryside right next to sprawling modern cities and traditional old towns. It also helps that the people are so friendly! I moved here at 18 and loved it so much that I’ve never left.”



Pile of open books


Yorkshire has a rich history so expect to learn something new during your visit. One of the many places of heritage is the Skipton Castle, which has been the guardian of the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales for over 900 years. Tourists head to the fortress to marvel at one of the best-preserved medieval castles in England. Alternatively, if you’re a lover of literature head to the Brontë museum, which is located in the picturesque village of Haworth in West Yorkshire. Look around the home of the Brontë sisters and learn more about the famous literary family.

Susanna says the history is one of the main reasons of her love for the county: “Yorkshire is steeped in history, Yorkshire boasts many historical landmarks, including castles, archaeological finds and quaint villages that are still fixed firmly in the past.”

There are many reasons that you’ll fall in love with Yorkshire. Lucy from Life of Luce, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, sums them up well: “I love living in Yorkshire because it’s just so varied! From the bright lights of Leeds to the rolling Yorkshire Moors, the history and the pretty sights of York. We’ve got in all up in God’s own county. Also, our amazing shopping, bars and restaurants. I have no plans to ever move away from Yorkshire, I love it so much here!”

What do you think you’ll love most about Yorkshire? If you need help planning your next visit contact us today.

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