Alternative Yorkshire pudding recipes

11 August 2020

Yorkshire puddings


The Yorkshire pudding is a beloved British side dish that millions of us love gorging on when it comes to roast dinners. Of course, when visiting Yorkshire, you should try one in the land in which they originate. A relaxing stay at Scarborough hotels, scenic walks in the Yorkshire moors, and sitting down to a Sunday roast with a generous portion of Yorkshire puddings… it doesn’t get much better than that! But until you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful county again, we wanted to bring a slice of Yorkshire to your home. In this article, we highlight alternative Yorkshire pudding ideas and recipes to try so you can get a taste of Yorkshire even when far away. So, have a look and see if you fancy cooking up one of these marvellous variations on a classic dish.

If you are looking for a good, classic Yorkshire pudding recipe to get started, this one by BBC Good Foods is a popular choice.




Combining two classic foods in one is the Yorkshire pudding pizza. A slightly unusual variation on the traditional Yorkshire pudding but delicious none the less! Any fan of deep pan pizza will surely want to give this a go and it couldn’t be easier. Just make a good-sized Yorkshire pudding and fill it with cheese, tomato, and whatever pizza toppings you desire! Then bake in the oven for a treat that is bound to go down well among friends and family alike.

Izy from the food blog Top with Cinnamon has got this recipe down perfectly. After deciding that she wanted to have a huge Yorkshire pudding for dinner she opted for this tasty pizza variation: “I baked the batter in an oven-proof frying pan, topped with sauce + cheese + other goodies then baked again. Thin crust, crispy edges and melty cheese. What more could you want?”

Click here for the full Yorkshire pudding pizza recipe.



Gluten-free yorkshire puddings


Image credit: Becky Excell

When you keep to a gluten-free diet, it can be easy to feel like you are missing out on many delicious foods that everyone else loves. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case with Yorkshire puddings. Gluten-free Yorkshire puddings can become a part of life with this alternative recipe, allowing you to enjoy a Sunday roast in all its glory when cooking for friends and family. While shop purchased variants are possible, there is nothing like home cooking.

Gluten-free recipe creator and blogger Becky Excell has got a wonderful gluten-free Yorkshire pudding recipe on her website. She shares: “This isn’t a recipe made ‘for gluten-free people’, it’s just an awesome Yorkshire pudding recipe that just happens to be gluten-free!

“So really… there shouldn’t even be any gluten required to make ANY Yorkshire pudding, but that’s just my opinion! So how is it possible? All of the flour used in this recipe is cornflour, which is naturally gluten-free anyway.”

Click here for the full Gluten-free Yorkshire pudding recipe.



Scrambled egg yorkshire pudding


Image credit: Chez Le Rêve Français

Breakfast might be the tastiest meal of the day and not much beats a good batch of fried or scrambled eggs to get the day started. But what happens when you add a Yorkshire pudding to the mix? Well, what you get is one of the most delicious breakfast treats you could ever hope for. All you need to do is get your Yorkshires ready and then fill with scrambled egg (or fried if you prefer), and you can even include some bacon to complete the package.

Amanda from the food blog Chez Le Rêve Français is a fan of this variant, making them for her family to enjoy: “I got the idea for this dish when I was thinking about my Christmas recipes. My boys have always loved scrambled egg and Yorkshire puddings, but I’ve never served them together, but I suppose it’s a bit like having American pancakes at breakfast and makes a change from bread. In fact, if you have made the Yorkshire in advance this only takes a few minutes.”

Click here for the full Breakfast eggs in Yorkshire pudding recipe.



Vegan Yorkshire pudding


Image credit: A Virtual Vegan

The fact that vegans don’t eat eggs would seemingly suggest a side dish like Yorkshire puddings would be off-limits. However, there are options available for those who have gone vegan but are really missing the pure brilliance of a side of Yorkshires with their Sunday roast. To get this right, and as tasty as you would like them to be, quite a bit of creativity is needed, but fortunately, a cookbook author named Mel has already done the hard yards.

Mel from the food blog A Virtual Vegan has shared a host of vegan recipes on her website and this includes her spin on Yorkshire puddings. Providing an insight into the process, she shares:

“I tried every single combination of ingredients possible when developing this recipe, and finally settled for making my vegan Yorkshire puddings with aquafaba. However, it works as a binder but does not provide the leavening that eggs would, so needs some extra help. This help comes in the form of baking powder, which is something that you do not need to use in a non-vegan Yorkshire Pudding.”

After many attempts, Mel got the recipe just right and says that “I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched through the glass of the oven door.”

Click here for the full Vegan Yorkshire pudding recipe.



Mini Yorkshire Pudding Stuffed


Image credit: Cooks with Cocktails

The beauty of Yorkshire puddings is certainly highlighted by their incredible versatility. We’ve already seen that they can be breakfast food as well as roast dinner features, but did you know that they also make great party food? That’s right. For your next shindig, why not consider serving up a scrumptious plate of mini Yorkshire puddings stuffed with short rib meat, drizzled in a delicious truffle sauce. Not only do they taste great but with the right presentation, they can look fabulous and will surely draw a bevvy of compliments.

Julie and Debbie, from the food blog Cooks with Cocktails, have presented this recipe to the world, eager to spread the good word: “If you have ever had a Yorkshire pudding and if you have ever had tender braised short ribs, then you can probably imagine how good they would taste together. I am here to tell you that they are even better than you can imagine! And with the truffle aioli drizzled on top, they are little bites of comfort food magic for your taste buds. You must make these!”

Click here for the full Mini Yorkshire stuffed with short ribs recipe.


– Yorkshire pudding pizza

– Gluten-free Yorkshire puddings

– Breakfast eggs in Yorkshire pudding

– Vegan Yorkshire puddings

– Mini Yorkshire stuffed with short ribs

As you can see, there are so many delicious variants to the classic Yorkshire pudding, letting you enjoy this timeless Yorkshire dish at all times of the day, on different occasions, and no matter if you are gluten-free or vegan. If all this talk of this famous Yorkshire delicacy has you excited for your next visit to the county, Raven Hall looks forward to welcoming you soon.

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