The benefits of staying in the UK for your next holiday

16 March 2021

Scarborough seaside


Once travel is an option again and hotels re-open, people will be wanting to go away for a well-deserved break. After all we have been through of late, getting a change of scenery and just relaxing for a while will be an attractive proposition for many. The good news is the UK is a wonderful holiday destination, meaning that Brits don’t have to travel too far at all to enjoy awesome experiences and memorable locations. In this article, we make the case for UK-based breaks, highlighting some of the many benefits of opting to stay on home soil for your next holiday.


When it comes to top-class accommodation, we Brits can give anyone a run for their money. If you are looking to escape to a comfortable and relaxing retreat for your next holiday, the UK certainly has you covered, with wonderful accommodation that can provide epic scenery, amazing service, and access to a plethora of fun things to see and do. For example, you can opt for hotels in Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire, putting your feet up in a historic and beautiful setting, with great facilities. Further still, you will be right next to iconic locations like Scarborough and Whitby (which have recently both been named in the top ten most desired UK seaside towns). Whether you want access to a pool, a golf course, or a top restaurant, there’s no need to fly halfway around the world to find it.

Utilising awesome UK-based accommodation and supporting local businesses is something that Charlie and Lauren of the travel blog Wanderers and Warriors see as a big benefit of staying local for a holiday: “Staying in the UK for future holidays in 2021 and beyond has so many benefits and is something we’ll definitely be looking to do once lockdown finally eases.

“Of course, the biggest benefit would be to pump some money back into the economy and support small businesses after the year we’ve all had. However, for more personal benefits, not only are there some amazing coastal spots come summertime, but we love visiting the alternative/unique accommodations that can be found dotted around the country.”

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North York Moors


The UK is home to a line up of truly incredible attractions to enjoy. If you are looking for fun things to see and do during your next holiday, this land of ours has it all. From iconic landmarks and world-class museums to awesome kids’ attractions and beautiful gardens. We also have our fair share of beaches, some of which are among the best you will ever visit. Whether you like a sandy stretch of sand near a seafront café, a pebbled paradise that is perfect for rock pooling, or some exhilarating surfing spots, you will find what you are looking for in the UK.

Let’s not forget the dining scene as well, which is something that Molly, from the travel blog Piccavey, made sure to point out to us as a benefit of holidaying in the UK, especially after we have been deprived of these pleasures during lockdown: “Another benefit is the huge amount of great restaurants and cosy gastropubs. All those familiar foods that we have missed so much. Whether you choose afternoon tea, gourmet fish and chips or a fragrant curry dish, it will taste so much better after such a wait.”

We also boast a collection of incredible national parks with instantly recognisable names like the Yorkshire Dales. So, if a break ensconced in nature is what you are after, staying local is a great option. In fact, the UK’s outdoor prowess is the most attractive feature of a holiday on these shores according to Justine from the travel blog Wanderers of the World. Speaking to us, she said:

“One of the things I love most about the UK and holidaying here is getting the chance to experience all the incredible outdoor spaces, nature and wildlife we have here. Whether you’re after a relaxing beach holiday, mountain hiking adventure or romantic strolls through pretty gardens and by the side of lakes, there’s so much variety for you to choose from. On your next holiday, consider staying in the UK to explore all of this and more – and simply enjoy the blissful surroundings of this fine country.”

Further still, Sarah from the travel blog The Urban Wanderer, told us she will be sticking to the UK for her next trip as it provides fantastic locations that are different and quieter than the usual international spots that the crowds will stream to:

“Having seen that EasyJet had an increase of 600% in bookings when the announcement came about the lifting of travel restrictions, I couldn’t help but think how busy flights and trains to foreign countries will be! With the big rush to travel further afield, I am keen to stay in the UK where I have more range to find somewhere different and quieter than the popular destinations. The benefit of holidaying in the UK this year is that I can travel with shorter notice, get last-minute deals and make the most of towns, cities and resorts offering exciting things for visitors. It is also a great way to support our home-grown tourism businesses and independent places, that always offer something you can’t get anywhere else!”


While jetting off abroad can indeed be fun, having to fumble around the language barrier can be a real nuisance in some locations, making it hard to find what you need and get where you want to go. Another perk of staying in the UK is that language is no obstacle to your enjoyment, the most you might have to tackle is a thick local accent or two. Plus, being in the UK, you will be far more familiar with the lay of the land making independence on your holiday much simpler. If trying out a new language is something you happen to enjoy, you can always try your hand at some local lingo of whatever UK location you have decided to visit.

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Man looking out at sea


Let’s face it, the least fun part of going on holiday is actually getting there. When you have to contend with planes and airport transfers before you can even get to your destination, it can be a tiring experience, not to mention stressful. And that’s just on the way there! On the return home, you can often arrive back feeling like you need a holiday from your holiday. But when you opt to stay in the UK, travel is considerably reduced, at the very least you don’t have to deal with airport security checks or potential delays. The most you will have to contend with is a bit of traffic, most of which can be navigated successfully with a bit of planning. As a result, you can arrive at your holiday destination quickly and ready to relax far sooner than if you ventured abroad.

Being able to start your holiday quickly is one of the main advantages of staying in the UK according to Claire of the travel blog Tin Box Traveller. Speaking to us, she said: “We love holidays abroad, but I struggle to understand people who think a holiday is not a holiday unless you get your passport stamped. There are so many amazing places to explore in the UK, even if they are only a few hours from home. The biggest benefit of holidaying in the UK for us is you can leave your front door and start your break in the same time it takes to check in your luggage and board a plane. Who doesn’t want to hit the ‘relax’ button as soon as they can?”

Molly, from Piccavey, also recognises this fact: “Of course you can choose train travel or a car journey to get to your destination. Avoiding airport protocols and checks always reduces stress levels.”


While many of us are looking forward to a holiday, venturing abroad anytime in the near future due to the global health crisis isn’t the most tantalising prospect. Even when things are given the ‘all clear’, it can be hard to tell how safe it might be in some countries, especially as we are not there to see how things are. However, you know what the situation will be here in the UK so holidaying at home will be a far more attractive proposition in terms of what is safe. The UK and its hotels have made great efforts in terms of health and safety checks so trusting that it is safe to travel around the country when the government gives the green light will be a little easier than hoping another country is as transparent, strict, and cautious as we are.

Molly, from Piccavey, shared with us that peace of mind will be a great benefit to holidaying in the UK in the near future: “Going on holiday should be a break for everyone. It’s important that everyone feels safe and can relax when away from home. You will have more flexibility if you stay in the UK as you don’t depend on airlines to get back home. As vaccines are rolled out, it also makes the UK one of the safest places to be. Other European destinations have not covered so many citizens yet.”

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– Top-class accommodation

– Access to amazing attractions, locations, and beaches

– There is no language barrier

– Less stress due to travel

– You can relax with peace of mind

If you like the sound of staying in the UK for your next holiday, we hope you will give Yorkshire some consideration. There is so much to see and do and you can discover just some of what awaits over on our blog.

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