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Discover the best of walking in North Yorkshire

09 March 2022

While many praise North Yorkshire for its outstanding coastlines, the rural expanses found slightly inland also continue to draw visitors in their millions. It’s for this reason why the region is so heralded for its walks, with everyone from rambling rookies to expert hikers able to find their ideal route to experience Mother Nature at its brilliant best. If you are keen to discover the beauty of walking in Yorkshire during your holidays in Whitby, here’s the perfect guide to read before you go.


The key to enjoying a walking holiday is to be prepared, so you may need to stock up on all your gear before and during your holiday. For outstanding performance at a great price, you can’t go wrong by visiting Mountain Warehouse, the largest outdoor retailer with more than 170 stores across the UK – including in both Whitby and Scarborough.

From walking boots and socks, to warming base layers and woolly hats, they can kit you out from head to toe ready for your North Yorkshire walking expedition. They even have walking maps available!


Ravenscar Round

For those who are trying out walking for the first time, it’s always best to start with an easy stroll to get you into the swing of things. Just one of these easier walks is known as the Ravenscar Round, a pleasant six-mile stroll that starts at the National Trust Coastal Centre and passes our hotel before heading south, taking in a host of stunning North Yorkshire coastal sights along the way, such as Blea Wyke Point and Rocky Point.


While it will seem a short walk for the hardier of ramblers, the wealth of scenery on offer means that it is sure to offer a special experience. If you are feeling energetic, you can also carry around for an extra loop to the north of the hotel. This is one of the walks highlighted by Walking in England, which offers great information on walks on the region.


Ravenscar to Scarborough railway

Taking a route along the Cinder Track – a disused railway line that closed back in 1965, it offers a completely flat route for walkers of all abilities to enjoy. If you don’t think you can manage the 11-mile stroll down to Scarborough, you could stop in the closer destinations of Hayburn Wyke, Cloughton, Burniston or Scalby before returning and heading back.


Ravenscar is the highest point on the Cinder Track, so you will be walking almost entirely downhill on your journey to Scarborough. You can also rely on the bus to take you back to Ravenscar, which runs regularly throughout the day and could drop you back at our hotel near Scarborough.



Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay

For a slightly greater challenge, why not enjoy the stroll from Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay? Covering eight miles, it offers a full loop and takes in the best of the region’s countryside and coastline. It’s recommended that you take the inland route on the outbound journey because of the amazing picturesque vistas – the perfect opportunity to get your camera out.

Once the meandering path reaches Ravenscar, the return journey home sticks right to the coast and offers a chance to admire some coastal views. There’s also five places to stop for a refreshing pint or glass of wine along the way, including Raven Hall, which many are sure to welcome the sight of!


An alternative method of enjoying the coastline between the two is the extended coastal walk, a route considered moderate in difficulty because of the 340-metre climb from sea level up to the hotel. It takes the same coastal route on the way up to Ravenscar, but the returning journey will be made at sea level. You can find more details about this and many other walks on The Walking Englishman.


Image Credit: Mountain Warehouse, Humphrey Bolton (, Scott Rimmer (, Nick Bramhall (, deargdoom57 (, The alking Englishman

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