Mothers Day 2024 2

Sunday 10th March

Mothers Day Lunch

Come and join us this Mother’s Day to celebrate your wonderful mum!

On Sunday 10th March, book your family for Sunday Lunch at our idyllic Country House & Hotel.

Here’s the Scoop on Making Her Day Epic!

Pick Your Moment:
Choose a cosy gathering at 12.30pm or
a leisurely afternoon delight at 2.30pm.

Don’t Miss Out:
Booking is essential to avoid the heartbreak of missing out.
Ring us at 01723 870353 to claim your spot.

Tease the Taste Buds:
Get a sneak peek of our sample menu here and
start planning the toast to the woman of the hour.

This Mother’s Day, let’s raise the bar. It’s not just lunch
it’s Raven Hall’s standing ovation to mums everywhere.

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