Peaceful locations in Yorkshire to escape to

24 January 2022

Hayburn Wyke


Yorkshire is home to many wonderful walks and beauty spots to enjoy but what about areas where you can truly get away from it all? In this guide, we highlight some of Yorkshire’s most peaceful locations to escape to, helping you find seclusion and quiet whenever you happen to be in this glorious part of the world. If you are planning a visit to Yorkshire soon, make sure you add a couple of these spots to your to-do list.


Hayburn Wyke is a wonderful location in the North York Moors; a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world and enjoy a bit of peace. For those staying in hotels near Robin Hoods Bay, this is a convenient choice. The walk from Cloughton takes you through a lovely, wooded area and down to a beautiful spot on the coast where you will come across a hidden cove sporting a gorgeous double waterfall. It’s the ideal location to sit down and relax before making your way back through the pretty woods.

Lucy, from the travel blog Faraway Lucy, has enjoyed the Cloughton and Hayburn Wyke walk, describing it as one of the best walks in Yorkshire. She shared with us what she enjoyed about it: “Cloughton and Hayburn Wyke are two incredibly peaceful spots that make up one of the best walks in Yorkshire. The sound of the waves lapping against the shore is something that always relaxes me. Along the way, you come across thundering waterfalls which contrast with the soft sounds of the sea, but rather than disturbing my peace, they add to it. The sounds of nature are so soothing, though the views are beautiful and relaxing too!”

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Howardian Hills


The Howardian Hills is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North Yorkshire, located between the Wolds and the North York Moors. It receives its name from the famous Howard family of Castle Howard, which still owns the land. Howardian Hills is 79 square miles of open fields and woodlands that truly invites the visitor to breathe, relax, and embrace the peace emanating from the land. There are plenty of different walks to enjoy in the area and even a handful of attractions to visit, not to mention Castle Howard itself. With rolling hills, woodland valleys, grand houses, monasteries and earthworks, this truly is a special location to unwind in.


Part of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Garbutt Wood Nature Reserve is an ancient woodland in the western part of the North York Moors and another truly peaceful spot to relax in. With various habitats to discover and great bird sightings, visitors can enjoy exploring the reserve which starts on the cliff top before tumbling 150 metres down to Gormire Lake. The walks down can be fairly steep but with the right footwear, Garbutt Wood is a tranquil woodland with plenty to look at and enjoy.

Emma, who shares her favourite walks and days out on the blog The Merry Spaniel, has visited Garbutt Wood Nature Reserve and spoke to us about its peaceful nature: “Garbutt Wood Nature Reserve is a little slice of tranquillity in an otherwise popular spot. I stumbled across it almost by accident on a trip to Sutton Bank when I was looking for Gormire Lake – walking down the hill from the main visitor centre I was totally taken aback by the utter peace and quiet which appears as soon as you step foot in the wood. Almost as soon as you leave the main path, you feel like you’re the only person in a three-mile radius.

“I love that no matter when you visit, there is always some sort of life springing up right before your eyes: from bluebells in spring to bright red toadstools in autumn, the wood is constantly changing and evolving. No two visits are ever the same and every time is an adventure.”

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Hackfall Woods in Yorkshire


Hackfall Woods is not only a Site of Special Scientific Interest but is another lovely location to enjoy a slice of tranquillity in Yorkshire. Northeast of the village of Grewelthorpe in North Yorkshire, Hackfall Woods is an ancient woodland boasting some fascinating and picturesque features, from grottos and glades to waterfalls and rustic temples. You can enjoy wandering its historic paths, admiring the pretty flowers such as bluebells in the spring, and keeping your eye out for a variety of bird species that call the area home. Located within the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Hackfall Woods is truly beautiful, with an almost magical feel about it, especially when approaching old structures in the process of being reclaimed by the wilderness.

Hannah, from the Yorkshire blog, Get Lost, has spent time in Hackfall Woods and spoke to us about what a peaceful spot it is to relax in: “Hackfall Woods really is one of the most peaceful locations in Yorkshire. The combination of charming woodland walks and relaxing spots beside babbling streams make it the ideal place to forget about the rest of the world for a little while!

“The best part of visiting Hackfall Woods was discovering the ruined follies. Stumbling across them felt like stepping into a fairy tale setting. Fisher’s Hall is especially enchanting and, when you have the spot all to yourself, it is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited!”

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Wherever you look there are peaceful spots to enjoy in Yorkshire and yet another is the Adel Dam Nature Reserve, a secluded wetland and woodland that visitors and locals alike enjoy escaping to. Tucked away next to Golden Acre Park in Leeds, you can enjoy strolling under its treetop canopies and staring out at the lake frequented by kingfishers and mandarin ducks. An important area for local wildlife, this unusual combination of dry and wet woodland provides numerous delights, sights and sounds. Most importantly, it’s an easy place to turn off, shut out the noise, and take pleasure in a few peaceful moments of tranquillity among the bluebells and foxgloves.

Leeds based copywriter Jo posts about her local area on the site Jo Blogs and has shared her thoughts with us on this relaxing little spot: “Adel Dam Nature Reserve is a beautiful, peaceful spot even though it’s found just a short distance from central Leeds. It sits behind Golden Acre Park but is much quieter in comparison. There’s a lot of wildlife to discover here, and bird hides surround the large lake for those that enjoy birdwatching. My favourite part of the reserve is the wooden footpaths and bridges that run throughout the location as they make it an adventurous and fun walk away from all the crowds.”


– Hayburn Wyke

– Howardian Hills

– Garbutt Wood Nature Reserve

– Hackfall Woods

– Adel Dam Nature Reserve

If you are looking for peace and quiet during your time in Yorkshire, visiting a few of the above will make it possible, providing relaxing environments among beautiful natural scenery. We hope you enjoy them.

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