Future plans: Top tips for a Yorkshire holiday

17 November 2020

Ravenscar in Yorkshire


Yorkshire is truly one of the UK’s most attractive destinations for a holiday. While it might not be possible to visit at the time of posting this article, that doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about a future trip! There are so many reasons to choose Yorkshire and, in this article, we offer a selection of tips to get you excited about the prospect. Whether you are looking to escape home at the first opportunity or are simply looking for more ways to explore what the UK has to offer, Yorkshire is the perfect choice with its fascinating history, beautiful scenery, wildlife, and cultural delights.



Scarborough coast


One of the most attractive aspects of visiting Yorkshire is spending time on its beautiful coast. Not only does the Yorkshire coast make for a perfect hub to explore the rest of the county, but choosing to book accommodation in Robin Hood’s bay, for example, means that wonderful holiday locations like Scarborough are just a stone’s throw away.

Danielle, from the travel and lifestyle blog While I’m Young, has visited Scarborough herself and told us why she believes this part of Yorkshire is so popular: “I think people visit Scarborough and the Yorkshire coast because it’s the quintessential British seaside destination. You’ll find everything you associate with summer holidays in England there: ice cream, seafood, a sandy beach, arcades and a fairground!”

Regarding what she most enjoyed about her time in Scarborough, Danielle shared: “I loved climbing up from the town to the castle walls. It was a hot day when I visited but the hike was worth the sweat. You’re rewarded with incredible views of Scarborough.”





Another winning aspect of a holiday in Yorkshire is the ability to get lost in nature and the amazing wildlife on display. There are puffins and red stags, barn owls and hares, red squirrels and kingfishers, otters and red kites -strolling the glorious countryside and walking the coast will reveal a wonderful ecosystem of majestic creatures.

Robert E Fuller, a wildlife artist from Yorkshire, knows a thing or two about this particular topic and he spoke to us about what he thinks makes the county’s wildlife so appealing: “Yorkshire offers an abundance of wildlife due to its widely varied habitats that encompass wolds, dales, moors and coast. From puffins patrolling the sea cliffs in summer to owls gliding over grassy dales in the evenings, each species has a unique appeal. What makes them even more special to see here in Yorkshire is the dramatic backdrop of this beautiful county’s varied landscapes.”

Robert also offered a little advice on spotting some of the wildlife during your visit: “The secret to spotting wildlife is listening. You always hear a wild creature before you see it. So, if you are quiet when you are out walking, and you hear a rustle or a tweet, just stop and listen. It won’t be long before the bird or animal comes out into the open, and, if you keep very still, you should enjoy a good sighting.”



Whitby Abbey


From the spectacular seventh-century Whitby Abbey to the Roman relics found in ancient York, the county of Yorkshire is home to an abundance of historic treasures. As such, discovering some of this history yourself during a visit is an absolute must. Tammy, from the travel blog Travelling Tam, is from North Yorkshire, and shared with us her love for the county’s history:

“Yorkshire has numerous pockets of overlooked history and the accessibility of the sites are second to none. It’s this national heritage, so casual and abundant, that makes Yorkshire so exciting to uncover, whether you’re a local or a tourist. There’s historic building after historic building (or ruin) dotted from the city to the empty moorland.

“From grand cathedrals like York Minster to the quiet ruins of Mount Grace Priory and Rievaulx Abbey, industrial mills of Saltaire to stately homes like Castle Howard – I find that in Yorkshire, you can take a trip back into the past, to nearly any era you wish.”

Another place to enjoy the history of Yorkshire is the village of Haworth, the home of the famous Brontë sisters. Haworth is full of wonderful links to the books of this family of authors and is, therefore, a great location to pay a visit to. Emily of the travel blog Two Get Lost has spent time in Haworth and spoke to us about its merits:

“Haworth is a tiny village packed full of wonderful things to do, but its true appeal is in the atmosphere you’ll find here. There are very few places in the UK that have managed to retain a true sense of the past. As soon as you arrive in Haworth you are struck by such a strong feeling of history and intrigue. The streetlamps that light the puddled cobblestones at night, the flickering open fires in the pubs and the wind echoing around the vast surrounding moorlands draw you in.  Cliched as it sounds, the village of Haworth itself is truly enchanting.”



North York Moors


Yet another appealing prospect about a visit to Yorkshire is the county’s rugged scenery, spectacular countryside, and epic moors. If you fancy an escape from city life, Yorkshire really is the perfect option, offering picturesque walks via its many trails around the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales.

The Yorkshire Dales is a favourite location of Cristina from the travel blog My Little World of Travelling, and she spoke to us about what she enjoyed most about it: “During my last trip to the Yorkshire Dales, I loved doing the Ingleton walk – one of the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks. The views were spectacular!

“The Yorkshire Dales is by far one of my favourite national parks because of the diversity of landscapes, lush green spaces, animals and rock formations.”

Emily, from Two Get Lost, shared with us her thoughts on Yorkshire’s scenery: “Yorkshire has its own unique personality that sets it apart from the rest of the UK. People come to Yorkshire for its wild, rugged mountains and moorlands and its soot-stained stone villages steeped in history. Unlike other places in the UK, Yorkshire isn’t characterised by a city or attraction but rather by the countryside it lays on. The scenery changes with the seasons making it the perfect place to visit at any time of year. Yorkshire is a place to get lost in, to unwind in and to escape to. It’s the perfect countryside retreat.”



Yorkshire puddings


Part of the joy of visiting any location is getting ensconced in the local culture and there is plenty to get stuck into in Yorkshire. For example, you can look forward to exploring the many local art galleries and museums, enjoying actual Yorkshire puddings in their county of origin, gorging on the finest fish and chips in the country, and drinking copious amounts of famous Yorkshire tea.

There is also a charming local atmosphere with delightful quirks wherever you look and Cristina from My Little World of Travelling adds: “I think this part of the UK is so appealing because there are many village market towns to experience the authentic and local Yorkshire culture and food.”

Yorkshire is also a truly friendly location and Tammy, from Travelling Tam, spoke to us about the warm welcome that you will likely receive: “There’s no getting away from the friendliness of the Yorkshire folk who speak in one of the most-loved accents in the UK. You’re welcomed to Yorkshire by locals as if they were your relatives, despite being a stranger.”


– Visit the beautiful coast

– Enjoy the abundant wildlife

– Discover its history

– Explore the countryside and epic moors

– Experience the local culture

As you can see, there are many reasons to visit Yorkshire and, hopefully, the above tips have given you some inspiration. When it is possible to travel, why not consider Yorkshire for your next holiday?

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