Where to see the supermoon in Yorkshire

10 November 2016

The spectacular sight of a supermoon is spellbinding, and November’s will be the biggest and brightest in 70 years.

It will occur on Monday 14th November, and will be the fifth one of the year, with the final due exactly a month later on December 14th.

A supermoon happens when a full moon is closest to Earth, as its orbit to our planet is in an oval shape, so it is sometimes closer than others.

The term Supermoon has been created by the media, its scientific name is Perigee Full Moon and the best time to see it will be in the early evening or late afternoon, when the sun is setting. It gets bigger the closer to the horizon it gets.

The beautiful astronomical event will not happen again for almost 30 years, with NASA predicting the next to arrive on November 25th, 2034. If you want to wait for the closest full moon of the 21st century, you will have to wait until December 6th, 2052.

Just remember that the tides may be larger during the supermoon, because as you know, they are governed by the gravitational pull of the moon. So be careful if you are near the coast while taking it in.


Whitby Abbey:

The inspiration for Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’, Whitby Abbey is a great attraction to go to on any given day. But its location, high atop a cliff, will make for spectacularly unspoilt views of the moon.



Whitby Abbey


South Bay, Scarborough:

For anyone who has been spending the day in town or is staying at a nearby Scarborough hotel, head down to South Bay beach and enjoy the sight of the moon.



South Bay at Scarborough


Hole of Horcum:

On the A169, between Whitby and Pickering, you can find the Hole of Horcum. Known commonly as the ‘Devils Punchbowl’, it is a valley in the shape of a fist.


The Hole of Horcum


There are a number of beautiful walking routes around this part of the Newtondale Valley, so wrap up warm and enjoy a stroll around the area in search of the perfect vantage point for the moon.

Flamborough Head:

A beautiful location on a clear day, Flamborough is a stretch of rugged white cliffs, the ideal location for hikers and bird watchers.


Flamborough Head


Walk through the nature reserve and the two lighthouses, but be careful of the tide here when getting the best view.

Bempton Cliffs:

Bempton Cliffs is one of the UK’s top places for seeing seabirds, with a quarter-of-a-million seabirds roosting here throughout the year.

Though many will have moved on this time of year, there are still six safe viewpoints on the cliff tops where you can enjoy the moon in covered shelter.


Bempton Cliffs


If you happen to be busy on the 14th, don’t worry, the moon will only be slightly smaller on the 15th.


Image Credit: Juliet220 Sheila Tarleton Jo Turner Pauline E JD554

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