Yorkshire-themed New Year’s Resolutions

09 December 2020

Panoramic view of North Yorkshire


Due to recent events, most of us are looking forward to 2021 and putting 2020 behind us. In this article, we want to look ahead to better times by suggesting some wonderful Yorkshire-themed New Year’s Resolutions that you can attempt to check off in 2021, such as improving work-life balance with a Yorkshire coastal holiday and spending time with family at Yorkshire’s top attractions. Yorkshire has so much to offer and the county can really help you achieve a nice selection of resolutions. Hopefully, 2021 will be the year where things return to something more normal and we can all enjoy the best of Yorkshire and life in general.



Robin Hood's Bay coastal view


For many of us, one of the first things on the agenda for 2021 will be improving our work-life balance. If this year has taught us anything it is the importance of life outside of work and let’s face it, we could all do with a bit of relaxation after everything this past year has thrown at us.

A lovely Yorkshire coastal holiday would certainly be a great way to help you achieve this resolution. With beautiful beaches, peaceful countryside, charming towns and lots of fresh air, you can truly unwind. Securing yourself some Robin Hood’s Bay accommodation is a great place to start, as you will be based right on the coast, not far from Whitby, with access to the best of what Yorkshire has to offer.

Sophie, from the travel blog Third Eye Traveller, loved her time visiting Robin Hood’s Bay, sharing that it is one of her favourite locations in the county: “Robin Hood’s Bay is like a portal into a world forgotten and, as you descend down the steep cliff, you’ll wonder whether you’ve accidentally stepped back in time!”

Sophie gushes that “there is so much to see and do in this hamlet you’ll be spoiled for choice and every corner is a cute as a button.”

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North York Moors view of coast


Looking to improve your fitness in 2021? Well, there is no better place for it than Yorkshire. The county is replete with beautiful walks and cycle trails, taking you through some epic landscapes and picturesque natural scenery. From forests and moors to the staggering sight of Yorkshire’s coastal areas, stretching your legs or going for a ride has never been more fun. You could visit the tranquil Aysgarth Falls on the River Ure and take the walk from Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay. Or if you fancy a true fitness test, there is always the famous Three Peaks Challenge in the amazing Yorkshire Dales.

Mollie, from the travel blog Where’s Mollie, has done this epic challenge herself, sharing: “The Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge is indeed a challenge. Not only do you need to climb three peaks within Yorkshire, but the three largest peaks, consecutively, on a circular route, and all within 12 hours.”

Mollie didn’t train for the challenge and while she says that would have made things easier, it’s not impossible for those who are already pretty fit: “If you’re feeling spontaneous with a decent level of fitness, and you want to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge without training… we have proven it possible. But it’s not ideal, so train if you can. Don’t underestimate the endurance required to walk for 12 hours!”

So perhaps save this one for after you’ve built up your fitness over the first half of 2021 and then you can come and take on this challenge to test yourself, seeing how far you have progressed.

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The difficult nature of 2020 has caused all of us to have a much better appreciation of our loved ones and a desire to not take them for granted. Life is short, so spending time with family is important and making a resolution to do more things with them is a great idea. Fortunately, this is rather easy in Yorkshire as the county is home to a whole host of top attractions. Days out with kids and grandparents, when and where it’s safe, are everywhere you look. You could visit fascinating National Trust sites like Nunnington Hall, you could visit one of Yorkshire’s many fun museums, or how about taking the kids to somewhere like Monk Park Farm?

Monk Park Farm in North Yorkshire is a family attraction with hundreds of friendly animals to meet. From feeding calves and petting rabbits to getting up close with wallabies and alpacas, it’s a great chance for children to learn while having fun. There’s also rides and attractions such as zip wires, go-carts, a barrel ride and play area. There’s also food and drinks on-site at the café so a true day out is easily achievable.

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Sunset at North York Moors


One characteristic of 2020 that won’t be forgotten any time soon is how much we have been stuck indoors due to the various lockdowns. So, you won’t be alone if you want to become far more outdoorsy next year. Yorkshire is a great location to gain a true appreciation for the outdoors with a wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems to enjoy. There’s the North York Moors with its amazing vibrant scenery, vast open areas and fascinating wildlife. Or, if the seaside is your thing, you can enjoy a plethora of cliffs, sandy beaches, rockpools, and charming coastal towns. From walks and relaxing days at the beach to picnics with stunning views, saying goodbye to the sofa is an easy choice.

Someone who already has a great appreciation for the outdoors is landscape artist Kelly Herrick. She loves the North Yorkshire coast in particular, sharing: “We visit here often, I love the variety of moors, wood and sea, the drama of the North Sea coast and the beautiful villages like Staithes and Robin Hood’s Bay.

“If you haven’t visited before I’d recommend it. Basing yourself in the Whitby area is a great place to start and everything is within a 20-30-minute drive.”


Life is short so perhaps you are considering a resolution to be a little more adventurous in the new year. Yet again, Yorkshire is at your disposal, packed full of exciting activities that will get your adrenaline pumping or help you try something you have never thought of. You could go caving in some of the UK’s most spectacular caves beneath the Yorkshire Dales. You could test your courage (and balance) by braving a high wire challenge. Or how about getting up close and personal by handling some majestic birds of prey? Falconry is a wonderful activity to get involved with and provides plenty of thrills while also learning about some nature’s most awesome creatures.

SMJ Falconry is a location that can make this possible for you if you fancy it. There are no crowds as visiting is by pre-booked appointment only, so you can be guaranteed a personal experience without any pressure. Located in lovely Oxenhope, near the Brontë’s home of Haworth, via their various experiences, you can enjoy handling and flying various different birds of prey such as owls and hawks.


– Improve your work-life balance with a Yorkshire coastal holiday

– Keep fit with beautiful walks and cycle trails

– Spend more time with family via Yorkshire’s top attractions

– Learn to appreciate the great outdoors

– Be more adventurous with Yorkshire’s many exciting activities

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Hopefully, 2021 will be a year in stark contrast to 2020. While there will still be challenges, we can retain a positive outlook and setting yourself some resolutions like the ones listed above is a great way to do so. We hope the new year treats you well!

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