Yorkshire’s Trending Attractions On Social Media To Visit

10 March 2022

Yorkshire is home to a vast array of incredible attractions to visit. From fascinating historical sites to brilliant museums and the most beautiful outdoor locations. No matter your interests and desires, when in Yorkshire, there is no shortage of fun things to see and do. To bring you a definitive list of Yorkshire’s favourite attractions, we have analysed social media data, helping us find out which attractions have the most buzz online. So, ahead of your next trip to the county, read on to discover trending Yorkshire attractions that are getting people talking.


1Whitby Abbey501
2York Minster480
3Yorkshire Dales414
4Fountains Abbey409
5Malham Cove383
6Rievaulx Abbey374
7Brimham Rocks352
8Harewood House338
9North York Moors325
10Yorkshire Sculpture Park300
11Castle Howard274
12The Hepworth Wakefield242
13North Yorkshire Moors Railway239
14Shambles York201
15Yorkshire Museum199
16Bolton Priory173
17York City Walls150
18JORVIK Viking Centre141
19National Railway Museum York104
20The Deep Hull88
21Lightwater Valley Theme Park85
22Flamingo Land Resort80
23York Castle Museum68
24Clifford’s Tower65
25National Science and Media Museum49

The above rankings were formulated by using an online tool called Social Searcher that monitors social media activity and buzz. We started with the top 25 attractions in Yorkshire as recommended by Google (as well as the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors) and then found out the number of recent social media mentions across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each attraction was then ranked by the most mentions to the least. You can see the attractions above and below you can read more about the top five.

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1. Whitby Abbey


Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire


It’s no surprise that Whitby Abbey is one of the most popular attractions in Yorkshire. This spectacular old building might be in ruins today but it’s a sight that continues to drive interest. This 7th-century Christian monastery turned Benedictine abbey is situated on the East Cliff, high above the town of Whitby. It’s a spectacular location to experience in person but it’s not just the history and photography opportunities that call visitors, as the abbey was also a prominent location in Bram Stoker’s famous Dracula novel, being the spot where the vampire washed up on English shores. For those staying in hotels near Robin Hood’s Bay, the town of Whitby and the abbey itself are just a short distance away.

Rachel Nicole is a blogger from the Yorkshire coast who has visited Whitby Abbey and describes its allure: “One of the most famous connections to Whitby is the Abbey being Bram Stoker’s inspiration to Dracula. Even if that doesn’t appeal to you, the abbey is worth visiting as it’s just a stunning sight which you can see for miles around.”

2. York Minster


York Minster


York Minster is one of the most famous cathedrals in the UK and one of the biggest of its kind anywhere in Northern Europe. Located in the historic city of York, York Minster is the seat of the Archbishop of York, with the construction of the formerly Roman Catholic cathedral beginning in the 7th century, only to be completed in 1472. York Minster is incredibly beautiful and a place to enjoy exploring even for non-Christians. It is home to gorgeous architecture and the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world.

Lynne, from the travel blog, Wander Your Way, has visited York Minster and is a big admirer of the cathedral’s architecture: “York Minster is actually the 2nd largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. It is very impressive. Those high, arching ceilings? Wow! I was so enamoured with the ceilings that are so simple yet so beautiful with their clean lines and the little bit of decoration. They have a geometrical thing going on that I really like. So, if you are a fan of Gothic architecture, you’ll love York Minster.”

3. Yorkshire Dales


Yorkshire Dales


The Yorkshire Dales is one of the most beautiful outdoor locations anywhere in the UK and one of Yorkshire’s finest gems. People flock from all over to enjoy this peaceful slice of countryside life, with the expansive national park being comprised of picturesque river valleys and rolling green hills. Known for its limestone cave systems, immense walking trails and waterfalls of the most idyllic variety, as well as charming towns and villages, the Yorkshire Dales is more than just a single attraction with a number of wonderful ways to experience it.

Maja, from the travel blog Away with Maja, has spent time in the Yorkshire Dales exploring Swaledale, one of the area’s most lovely dales: “Swaledale might just be my new favourite place in Yorkshire. This area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park is stunning and so quintessentially charming! Rolling green hills, drystone walls, barns dotted around the countryside… the whole region screams England and English countryside to me!”

4. Fountains Abbey


Fountains Abbey


Yorkshire is known for its incredible abbeys, sadly they are mostly in ruins now thanks to historical events of the past but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying these special locations. One of the most beloved in the county is Fountains Abbey, which is among the largest and best-preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in the country. Located three miles from the city of Ripon, it was founded in 1132 and dissolved 400 years later by Henry VIII during his suppression of Catholic institutions. Today it is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, “being a masterpiece of human creative genius”. People love to marvel at the atmospheric ruins, have a picnic on the lawn, and enjoy walks in the deer park.

Angie, from the travel blog Where Angie Wanders, has spent time relaxing at Fountains Abbey and paints a lovely picture of the scene: “Stroll around the ruins, and you can imagine what life would have been like all those centuries ago. Streams meander beneath bridges and wooded and grassy areas offer you a place to rest. Refreshments can be bought from the cafe by the stream near to the ruins.”

5. Malham Cove


Malhome Cove


Another of Yorkshire’s famous outdoor locations is Malhome Cove, a 230ft high limestone cliff that has continued to amaze visitors for hundreds of years. The cliff gently curves along the line of the Middle Craven Fault due to erosion, giving the cliff its amphitheatre-like appearance. Its striking scenery can even be seen in the seventh Harry Potter movie. This truly impressive natural feature is both weird and wonderful, drawing in visitors of all varieties from rock climbers who look to scale the cliff to those who would rather admire it from the ground during a relaxing walk in this pretty corner of the Yorkshire Dales.

Marion, from the website Love Travelling Blog, has visited Malham Cove and shared what it was like to visit: “The footpath ends by a pair of gates near to the cove but it’s possible to continue into the amphitheatre to take a closer look at the breathtaking view by scrambling over a few rocks. The sheer rock face challenges rock climbers and we spotted several groups attempting climbs on different parts of the cove.”

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– Whitby Abbey

– York Minster

– Yorkshire Dales

– Fountains Abbey

– Malham Cove

If you like the sound of any of the attractions featured or mentioned above, we hope you will consider paying them a visit soon. We would love to welcome you to our hotel in Ravenscar. Unlike Robin Hood’s Bay hotels, we have wonderful views of the bay itself, thanks to a beautiful position perched on the cliffs at Ravenscar; it’s the perfect place to explore Yorkshire from, giving you access to many of the county’s greatest gems.

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